“It is important to have a sense of proportion”: Anna Semenovich was fond of Botox injections

«Важно иметь чувство меры»: Анна Семенович увлеклась уколами ботокса
The singer has talked about how it cares for the person.

Anna Semenovich

Photo: @ann_semenovich (Instagram Anna Semenovich)

Anna Semenovich made a bold statement that supports youth “beauty shots”. While some of the stars talk about the magic of gymnastics for the face or good heredity, the singer speaks openly about the fact that closely “friends” with the Botox. S. sure to be afraid of modern means of preserving youth is not necessary.

“I’m not ashamed to tell you that take care of themselves and long prick doing Botox and mesotherapy. I think this is very correct. I will not impose my position, but I think, if in our time beauty stepped forward, why not use it? My beauty gives me joy and pleasure,” says Anna.

S. admits that in his 38 years with Botox injections feels 25! However, fans are warned the singer that the most important in the rejuvenation process not to lose a sense of proportion. History knows many examples when the stars are the result of plastics, and “beauty shots” were unrecognizable.

For example, recently netizens have ceased to recognize a colleague S. — Tatyana Bulanov. Getting rid of wrinkles, 49-year-old singer became the owner of a “new” person. Through the process of rejuvenation was recently held and Larisa Dolina, get rid of age-related changes in appearance.