It is: how to pack a suitcase for travel

Все свое ношу с собой: как правильно упаковать чемодан для путешествий It is important to fit the maximum of useful things, nothing to lose and not to spoil. “StarHit” amounted to a few tips for those who are preparing to go on a trip and want to be ready to any situations, but it does not face the problem of overweight.
Все свое ношу с собой: как правильно упаковать чемодан для путешествий

bags and shoes

Before you start packing, lay out your entire holiday wardrobe on the floor and select the largest objects – shoes and hard bags. Now select the fine – jewelry, tights, scarves, lingerie, small accessories, battery chargers and put them in shoes and bags. So the small thing don’t get lost in the Luggage, the shoes don’t change shape, and you will save precious space in the suitcase.


Bottles of cream, shampoo and conditioning in the journey, often occur. This is due to pressure drops in the plane. By the way, pens and electronic cigarettes behave exactly the same. Take the time to pack each bottle in a separate plastic bag and put it all together in a waterproof makeup. It would be a shame to arrive there and discover that the best dress soaking toothpaste and suntan oil. Poet at precautions will not be excessive.


Things from soft tissue it is most convenient to roll up into small “rolls” by filling all voids and corners of the suitcase. In this form of the clothing takes up much less space and not so much wrinkled, especially knitwear. If you pack in several layers, put between each sheet of tissue paper or cooking parchment – so the shots (and the airport with the Luggage usually do not stand on ceremony), they will not end up in one crumpled a ball: the “rolls” will simply glide across the paper.
Все свое ношу с собой: как правильно упаковать чемодан для путешествий


Why the suitcases in the airport wrapped tape? First, it will protect your Luggage if it will crash in a puddle or touches any sharp corner. Secondly, it will stop intruders, which can open the suitcase and see if there was anything of value. So the film is a good thing. The only negative – the packaging is expensive. So take care of everything in advance: just buy a roll of cling film and wrap her suitcase alone.


For stacking bulk items – jackets, jumpsuits, beach towels – use vacuum bags. This plastic zippered bags from which the air is pumped out, significantly reducing the amount of things. They are of two types – vacuum and compression. First the air is pumped out with a vacuum cleaner, and secondly you need to twist manually until before the air is released through the holes. It is better to take the compression to get in the hotel the cleaner will not be easy.