It is a failure on the First channel is closing the show with Olga Buzova

Это провал: на Первом канале закрывают шоу с Ольгой Бузовой
“Womanish revolt” never scored high ratings.

Photo: Instagram

Everything it touches Olga Buzova, becomes successful. So I think the majority of colleagues of the TV presenter and singer. But as it turned out, the audience of the First channel does not agree. From the end of November on the “main button” show “womanish revolt”, in which Olga, along with other well-known girls discussing pressing topics. The creators of the project were inspired by the popularity Buzova and decided that thanks to her transfer will be on top of the ratings. But this did not happen.

Moreover, on the Internet on specialized sites began to receive petitions against the “Indian rebellion”. The audience called the show “obscene and immoral” and “unworthy of the First channel”.

Was deciding people’s opinions or influenced by the official figures in the rankings, but this week the transmission suddenly disappeared from the grid. It was announced that the next issue will be released only on December 11. According Starhit, subsequently, the show is scheduled to close at all.

To the chagrin or the delight of the audience, Olga Buzova on TV does not become less. If she had previously appeared only in their native TNT in the coming new year’s eve it can be seen in all the major entertainment shows. On the First channel, of course, too. The draft STS Buzova will appear in two images at once. On TNT she will sing in the company of colleagues in the new year “Karaoke Star” in the Comedy Club.