Наденьте это немедленно: дочь Пугачевой вынесла маме модный приговор TV presenter, actor and parodist Maxim Galkin has released a touching video in which his daughter in detail evaluates the appearance of his elder sister Christina Aguilera and Alla Pugacheva. Four-year-old Lisa Galkin approved the choice of clothing of their loved ones.

If the children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin were their pages in social networks, it seems, would have long ago broke the record of Olga Buzova and views, and the number of subscribers. But while they have their own pages, but dad Maxim publish quite often so sweet and touching photos and videos of their children that, as they say in social networks, “miminost rolls.”

Lisa and Gary for their four years of very advanced kids, they aren’t camera-shy father, Express their comments on a particular topic, and they almost all have an opinion. This, in particular, can be seen on the video that Tina has posted on Sunday. It chetyrehlistnyj Lisa Galkin revolves around a 46-year-old sister Christina Aguilera, dressed in a cocktail dress in black, and says aloud how she likes the outfit cousin.

A little later in the video appears Alla Pugacheva and her young daughter Lisa “reported” father, what’s her outfit like a handbag shiny skirt. On toalla B., hugged her daughter, said: “And I like you all!”.

“Well, just “Fashion verdict”!” – humor Maxim behind the scenes.

Note that Galkin has repeatedly shared with his subscribers on Instagram that his daughter, though small, but already a fashionista. In recognition of his famous father, Lisa loves to dress up, always happy with new beautiful dresses and shoes.