«Мне больно очень»: Шнур и Матильда разводятся Before the leader of group “Leningrad” has surprised fans with the unexpected news. He said that he was going to divorce with his wife Matilda. Sergei chose to refrain from explaining the causes of the incident. “StarHit” decided to recall the Genesis of their relationship.
«Мне больно очень»: Шнур и Матильда разводятся

45-year-old leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov divorces with his wife Matilde. The musician personally informed about it in the microblog that has become an unpleasant surprise for his fans.

In his Instagram post appeared, in which he asked journalists not to disturb him during this difficult period. Black-and-white photograph of ex-lovers and a tip for it resonated in the Network.

“With great regret, but by love and gratitude to each other, preventing all sorts of speculation and rumors, we with Matilda to announce that decided to divorce. Request to all media not to violate our personal space. Thank you,” said Shnurov in Instagram.
«Мне больно очень»: Шнур и Матильда разводятся

Sergey Shnurov was married to Helen Brain, she is Matilda, eight years. The star couple was considered one of the most striking in the domestic show-business. So their breakup was a shock to the public.

To Matilda rock musician trying to build a relationship with Mary Ismagilova, with whom he has a daughter Serafima in 1993. Now the girl is studying at the philosophy faculty of St. Petersburg state University. The second chosen artist was a businesswoman Svetlana Kostitsyna, a former Director of one of the large foreign companies. In this Union the musician was born a long-awaited son of Apollo. Cords decided to name the heir to a rare name in honor of the poet Apollon Grigoriev.

Also among the ex-lovers Shnurov listed, the star of the film “Sisters” and “hipsters”, Oksana Akinshina. For several years he was with her relations, and at the beginning of their romance the artist was only 15 years old.

«Мне больно очень»: Шнур и Матильда разводятся

Cord married Matilda in 2010. In eight years of marriage, Matilda has become incredibly popular in social networks. She became famous not only as the wife of one of the most prominent artists of the Russian show-business, but also as a successful businesswoman. The wife of musician actively engaged in the promotion of the restaurant “Kokoko” and opened a private ballet school.

Matilda was reluctant to talk about myself to journalists. As it became known, Helen Brain was born in a village in Voronezh region, in a poor family. When she was two years old, my parents, Tatiana and Vladimir, divorced. My mother soon was remarried and gave birth to another child, but the Alliance fell apart. Also, according to media reports, Tatiana is absolutely not interested in raising children, she found religion. And Lena from an early age dreamed of escape from the provinces to the metropolis. In the early years, she was able to move to Moscow, was engaged in dances, participated in creative projects, worked as a reporter for the gossip columns, this time she decided to change my name to Matilda.

The girl met the future husband in 2007. With Shnurov it brought a mutual friend, who suggested she go to a concert of the group “Leningrad”. After the speech, the fans decided to sneak into the dressing room to the musicians, there’s some Cords and noticed a bright brunette. Sergey later said the unusual appearance of Matilda reminded him of a beautiful Swan of the painting by Vrubel, and the original name was supplemented by a vivid impression.

“We with Sergey indifferent to money – perhaps that is why they have always been. But we are very partial to the fact that money can buy. This person buys everything he likes – at least three pairs of identical shoes. Then without looking pulls out something from the closet, wearing – and he’s a style icon,” said Matilda Shnurova.

The choice of the musician reported that not may not admit that her husband is well-read and thinking man. The harshness, which is peculiar to Sergei, Matilda explained his strict character. She didn’t even hesitate to tell you that the famous husband was cheating on her with other women. Also a businesswoman tried to wean the actor to abuse alcohol: and, indeed, Cords was able to get rid of this dependence.

Sergey Shnurov: “Is sex don’t even remember!”

Sergey noted that Matilda is working on his style and is Muse. In the relations with her he wrote some of the most successful songs “Exhibit”, “Patriot”, “Tits” and “Peter – to drink.” The artist also starred in several films, the latest of which “I lose weight”.

“Cords of a man of fantastic knowledge, and if someone talks nonsense, he will respond, and harshly. He’s not a snob, not evil – just a strict,” admitted Matilda.

To the public they seemed the perfect couple, despite the fact that Sergei can’t be every woman. Still, the musician often publicly admitted Matilda in love and literally worshiped the beloved.

Only latest posts on Instagram alerted fans of the pair. They rarely began to appear together in public. In April, when the musician turned 45 years old, Shnurov is pretty cool and congratulated him on his anniversary. On this day they were not together: Sergei gave a concert at a private party.

“You are a wonderful sample of the rare today qualities as sincerity, honesty, kindness, wit, and irony. And let the years these qualities in you only grow stronger. Due to the fact that you’re so insanely talented and such, we all have your music – all of these hymns of joy and pills from any sorrow. I would like to wish you to be always happy, as it is banal, because your joy means a lot. This coming from you the joy of us all. Because without you… happy birthday, Sergei,” wrote then Matilda.

Sergey Shnurov has dedicated a poem to Matilda after news of the divorce. The musician hinted that he missed out on happiness.

Now let me very painful.
I’m hurt, maybe killed.
And oozing blood between the stitches.
Houellebecq? Flashback? Or somersault?
I am glad that bright, juicy.
There is no error, I will not consider.
I have something to remember this night.
I missed my dream.

Sergey Shnurov has admitted to numerous infidelities

Commenting on the news of the divorce, Matilda feel the need to protect Sergei. “I never expected to receive such support from a complete stranger to me because, honestly and without any coquetry, hard to believe its at least some importance next to the really big. Thank you so much! Your words mean a lot, they will rest for a while. And do not hurt Sergei, though he is great, but delicate and vulnerable. Friends all personally,” wrote the wife of the artist in the social network.