Стало известно, где будут снимать сериал «Властелин колец»

The series is based on the legendary Tolkien’s books will take off where the movies “Lord of the rings” in New Zealand.

According to Western media, the New Zealand authorities reported that they managed to beat Scotland and to provide a location for the filming of the new series based on the works of Dzh. R. R. Tolkien. The production of the project is 950 million dollars.

“When we were looking for a place that would be able to bring to life the original beauty of the Second age of middle-earth, we knew that we needed a majestic, untouched beaches, forests and mountains area. And we’re glad we can now formally adopt New Zealand as home for our series based on the stories of Tolkien “the Lord of the rings,” said the showrunners and Executive producers the future of the series. — We are grateful to the people and government of New Zealand, and especially Auckland, for supporting us at such an important stage of preparation for production. The abundance of hospitality of new Zealanders, with whom we met, made us feel at home.”

In the Studio “Amazon” plans to begin production of the series in the next three months. Filming will take place at three locations on the North island. The Minister of economic development Phil Twyford hoped that this will become an important impetus for the development of the film industry in New Zealand.

Plot details are still kept secret, but we know that events will unfold over many years before the original trilogy.

13 Nov 2017, it was announced that the company “Amazon” has acquired the film rights to the novel by J. R. R. Tolkien’s “the Lord of the rings”. According to press reports, Amazon entered into an agreement with the organizations having the right to the legacy of Tolkien (including the “Tolkien Estate”, published by “HarperCollins” and production company “New Line Cinema”), paying $ 200 to $ 250 million, which exceeded the company’s offer Netflix. Under the terms of the agreement, the company should start the production of the series within two years (i.e. until November 2019). The agreement includes the production of five seasons and a possible spin-off. The cost of production of the series (along with the cost of the acquired copyright) reportedly will exceed $ 1 billion, making it “the most expensive television series in history.” The first action of the season will occur the Second age of the legendarium of J. R. R. Tolkien.

3 July 2019, it was announced that the Director of the first two episodes of the show will be Juan Antonio Bayona. 4 September 2019, it became known that one of the “leading” role in the first season will be performed by English actor will poulter.

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