It has become known, for whom Muti moved to Moscow

Стало известно, ради кого Мути переехала в Москву

It turns out that the star of “the Taming of the shrew,” left Italy not because of a Russian oligarch.

The news of moving beauty-Italian girls to Moscow stirred up the Internet a few days ago. Wrote that the actress purchased the property in the Russian capital, near the temple of Christ the Savior… And rumor has it that the star has agreed to relocate for the love of a Russian oligarch. But here was the name “Decembrist”, followed Ornella to the end of the light, not Russian. The star moved along with businessman Fabrice Carelle.

As it turned out, in a romantic relationship with Karelle Ornella Muti is already a few years. Currently, the chosen star is developing a business in Moscow, therefore, was forced to move from Italy. With him had left their homeland and Ornella Muti.

In this beloved sex symbol and not hides. For the premiere of the music video Alexander Revva “As Celentano” Muti didn’t come alone. The star did not hide the feelings to a high tanned brunette. The pair hugged and laughed. And, as noted by journalists, both looked very happy.

It is curious that Russia is the Italian actress a lot of that is due. It is known that the mother Ornella – Baltic German from Estonia, where the grandparents of the actress moved from St. Petersburg about a hundred years ago…

But the three children of actress, probably remained in Italy. But they are moving mom’s not too worried. After all, the eldest daughter of the stars – 42 years old, and the youngest son is 29 years old. But now children will be able to send to the grandmother to eat dumplings Yes, pancakes.

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