It happening: things dreams that changed the lives Okhlobystin, Feofilaktova and Peha

Все как наяву: вещи сны, изменившие жизнь Охлобыстина, Феофилактовой и Пьехи Great-grandmother warned Ivan Okhlobystin from danger, and Larissa Rubalskaya foresaw the death of his father. On world sleep day celebrity said “StarHit” about visions, which turned out to be prophetic.

      Все как наяву: вещи сны, изменившие жизнь Охлобыстина, Феофилактовой и Пьехи

      People have always paid special attention to dreams. It was thought that some of them are prophetic and can predict the future. A good night’s sleep is just good! In 2008 was established by the world sleep day. On the eve of the holiday, which falls on 17 March, the star said “StarHit” about dreams that have come true.



      Many years ago, the actor had a rest on the sea, and the dream came to him late great-grandmother, however, at a very young age. Sophia Philippovna saw a beautiful girl of 19 years.

      “She was sitting on the beach and warned me about the danger, – has shared with “StarHit” Okhlobystin. – In the dream I told her that she, too, could suffer. She laughed: “I did not”. Then I realized that my great-grandmother died long ago. Surprise woke up and saw a ball of lightning is 30 inches from his nose. The bed stood near the window. Remembering what to do in such cases, I froze and held my breath. After a while the ball went on, and then disappeared. I had a feeling that Sophia Philippovna not just was she helped. No wonder I woke up.”



      Все как наяву: вещи сны, изменившие жизнь Охлобыстина, Феофилактовой и Пьехи

      The singer is skeptical about the characters, but notes that the intuition he has.

      “I try not to pay attention to the dreams, because they do not have the right knowledge to decipher, says “StarHit” Stas. Not once noticed that when you shut off the brain, you can more easily understand and guess. Something like the sixth sense is still present. Many years ago, when I was a teenager, I had a breakup with my girlfriend. And surprisingly, in the dream I wasn’t upset. But awoke with an unpleasant feeling. However, with the girlfriend we broke up, and soon even went on a trip. I was later told that the gap with his half dream to travel together”.




      Все как наяву: вещи сны, изменившие жизнь Охлобыстина, Феофилактовой и Пьехи

      A poet since childhood attaches special importance to dreams. “Quite often I have symbolic dreams come true – sad and happy, – said the “StarHit” Larissa. – Once I even wrote a song that has the line: “Dream horse to lies, the fire – good luck.” I believe in the characters. 35 years ago happened to me a tragic story. My friends and I were going to Paris. In my dream I saw mushrooms and felt that to be trouble. The next day we went to the forest. Suddenly I was pulled to the ground, went straight to the edge. “What’s wrong with you?” worried friends. And I just whispered: “Now something will happen…”

      After an hour I called mom and said that dad died of a heart attack. They were resting on the sea in Odessa. He was only 59 years old. Since then I am very afraid of mushrooms. If I see them in my sleep – always happens something bad. But the fire always precedes the money. If prividitsya little girl – so it’s a good offer, a phone call or held a long-awaited meeting. I do lady uneasy. And can prophesy, but only good.”




      Все как наяву: вещи сны, изменившие жизнь Охлобыстина, Феофилактовой и Пьехи

      One of the most controversial singers of pop admits that her life inexplicably linked with mysticism and magic.

      “Since childhood I see dreams, says Nargiz. When we still lived in Tashkent, I had a funeral of my friend’s father. At that time, his dad was young and healthy, there were no signs of trouble. But in my dream I saw crying in grief wife and family, a huge number of people who came to spend his last journey. In the morning I called the same friend and through her sobs told me that my father is no more. In a dream told him only a year. I actually have a highly developed intuition. For example, often warn friends about any events that say “If you now need to get out of the house after three hours, better move them”. At first did not believe, and now no one is surprised”.



      A few years ago the ex-participant reality show “House-2” often dreamt of a boy, though at the time never wanted to be a mom.

      “Cute kid with big eyes and white hair was sitting on my lap and smiling, says “StarHit” model. – A year later I got pregnant and gave birth to son Daniel. Now I understand that it was for a reason. On a subconscious level, I had a presentiment that soon there will be the light of my happiness. Lately, I have become more attentive to mystical phenomena. During her divorce from Anton Gusev in a dream he saw an unusual picture: a lake with crystal clear water and stretches of the old beautiful staircase and goes somewhere in the clear sky where the sun is shining. Woke up in a great mood, saw the value in dream interpretation. It turned out that the stairs foretells career success. But at that time it was so bad and sadly that was difficult to believe. And six months later I fell proposals for filming and advertising.”