Стало известно, с кем и как Рита Дакота проводит ночи
Singer Rita Dakota turn on the “work wear”.

Стало известно, с кем и как Рита Дакота проводит ночи

If before Rita shared in the Youtube blog that writing a song does not want to, then now she seemed to have opened a new source of inspiration.

One night Rita wrote two songs. Moreover, the actress is confident that they will be hits.

“I always knew about this, but recently got convinced for sure – girls can do anything! Our strength, beauty and power runs this world, we Muse and inspiration, we create and to build. This is what the concept of the new fragrance Zadig&Voltaire – Girls Can Do Everything. I am inspired by writing music, alone, at night, under the aroma of your favorite incense and hot tea in his secret dark komorke. Recently during the night I wrote two new hit and very proud of themselves. We are so used to berating yourself, demand from yourself…Propose now to praise yourself for the achievements and a mini-victory! Right now. In the comments under this post. Write a few lines about your personal achievement or an act, to which proud. I will choose the best/warm/heartfelt/touching and give a really cool skate from Zadig&Voltaire. Drove”

writes Rita in Instagram, advertising perfume and a private performance.

What can I say – want to live, not so you keep still. Well Done, Rita!