Стало известно, где и когда состоится свадьба Пэрис Хилтон
The socialite chose a “special” Church for the wedding.

Стало известно, где и когда состоится свадьба Пэрис Хилтон

Paris Hilton


37-year-old Paris Hilton is preparing for her wedding to 32-year-old actor
Chris Silkey, with whom she got engaged in New year’s eve. About what will be the ceremony, said
recently my mom to Paris — she was entrusted the role of organizer wedding. Recently it became known new details about the forthcoming wedding

Information about where and when the wedding accidentally gave Silca, which became quite
talkative after a couple of cocktails
them drunk at a party in Los Angeles
on the launch of new clothing collections, the designer of which was the sister of Paris, Nicky. For starters, Chris announced the date on which the scheduled ceremony: it
will be held on 11 November 2018. In addition, Zilka announced, where there will be significant
event: it turns out that the bride chose for the wedding Church of the Good Shepherd, located in
Beverly Hills. This Church has played a
an important role in the history of the family of the bride, right here in his time has passed
the marriage of bride’s parents — Rick
and Kathy Hilton. In the same place and married the brother of her grandfather, Conrad Hilton,
who became in 1950 the first husband of Elizabeth Taylor.

We will remind, the other day Paris, where her
the groom gave when the engagement is awesome
diamond ring in 20 Karat, had to endure a small shock. In
party time in one of night clubs, she danced, dropped the ornament.
And to find it was possible far not at once, so Hilton has already bitterly
mourn his loss. Fortunately, in the end, Chris still found a ring.
As it turned out, it flew far to the side and “landed” in the bucket
ice, standing on one of the tables near the dance floor.

Paris Hilton with Chris Silkey