Стало известно, где и когда появились на свет близнецы Курниковой и Иглесиаса
Came the first details the birth of the children of the singer and tennis player.

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova

The news that Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias to become parents
twins, fans caught the pair by surprise. None of them
suspected that the girlfriend singer is pregnant. While certainly it is only known that Anna and Enrique are now
tiny girl and a boy, whom they named Nicholas and Lucy. Today it became known that
twins were born on Saturday, and the place of their birth — private
hospital in Miami.

The biggest intrigue in this story is that I gave birth whether the 36-year-old Anna herself?
It ceased to appear in public since last fall: the last
her photo published last November. That is, pictures of pregnant Anna has not been seen.
Besides, some time ago in one of his interviews, Kournikova said: “I definitely want children but haven’t decided whether I will give birth itself, or would you prefer to adopt!”

Most fans are inclined to the version that the twins could make for
Anna and Enrique surrogate mother. Because if she hatched them herself, she did not
it would be the reasons for a year to hide from the public. However, this, like, it
logical version, contrary to one fact. Suddenly there was a witness,
who told the reporter popular the Internet-editions people.com that he saw “pregnant” tummy Anna and she looked absolutely adorable”. Really, who is this witness and why hide your name — is unclear. So now final
clarity to the question of whether Kournikova gave birth to twins she can make now
only themselves by their parents — Anna or Enrique when they finally comment on
the birth of children.