It became known, when will the new Avatar

Стало известно, когда выйдет новый «Аватар»
James Cameron told the fans the unexpected and joyful news.

Frame from the movie “Avatar”

Fans of “Avatar” the other day
they learned the delightful news. The project was directed by James Cameron said, when viewers will finally be able to see the continuation
his film, which enjoyed phenomenal success and has grossed only
a little less than $ 3 billion.

The decision of making a sequel to super successful
“Avatar” James Cameron took a long time. And soon after the film’s release on
the screens in 2009, we started to spread rumors that the Director began work
on a new project. Moreover, it became known, James has conceived not one, but three, and later four
sequel. However, as time went on, and on the specific release date of at least the first of the new
the movies on the screens there was no news. Finally, Cameron announced that he was going
to release the first sequel in cinemas in 2018. However, difficulties prevented
him to fulfill his promise, and the premiere was postponed. And now Cameron has said
what can firmly promise: the audience will see his film in December 2020. And the next
three – 2021-m, 2014 th and 2015-th years.

As explained by the Director, when
the implementation of his project, he faced a number of problems. First, he decided
remove all four of the film not each other, and at the same time as are usually removed
the mini-series. “We are often in the Monday shooting scene from the fourth film, and, for
example, on Friday – from the first. I assure you, it is very difficult. It’s as if
would have starred three films “the Godfather” at the same time…” – told the Director. Besides
as I told Cameron, he had to deal with very large scenario,
read which aloud is required as long as 8 hours! “The material is vast, and
to keep in memory all the plot points and where we are at the moment
it is extremely difficult. I often have to explain to someone from the bewildered actors:
no, your character will die, not now, we’re shooting an episode about a very different
the time of his life…” explained the Director. However, according to his calculations, imaging
the team, which he considers one of the best in Hollywood, should in time to cope
with all the problems.