It became known when Lazarev is back on the scene

Стало известно, когда Лазарев вернется на сцену

The singer, who collapsed at a concert in St. Petersburg, has canceled a coming speech, but promises to bounce back next week.

We will remind that state of emergency with the popular artist, who will represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest happened on April 8. At a concert in Petersburg BKZ “October” Sergey Lazarev suddenly lost his balance and threw himself collapsed on stage than pretty scared of fans.

The return of the idol auditorium waited 40 minutes, but to no avail: the microphone Sergei did not come out, citing poor health, though, and apologized to his disappointed fans. More precisely, his words conveyed to the public the staff of touring teams.

The same evening it became known that the St Petersburg concert Lazarev postponed to 9 June. Moreover, Sergei was canceled and my presentation in Tallinn, which was to take place on 10 April. It was moved to 4 June.

The environment of the singer insists that nothing terrible has happened, and Sergey said in social networks, which just overtired during his tour. After all, to St. Petersburg in just one month he gave 16 concerts in different Russian cities from Vladivostok to Belgorod. Plus, come out to the theater stage.

We will remind that Sergey plays the same role in two performances of the Moscow theater. A. S. Pushkin: he is busy in the production of “Talents and admirers” on the play by Mark TWAIN and “the Marriage of Figaro” by immortal the play by Pierre Beaumarchais.

Now, the next performance with participation of Lazarev, and that “the Marriage of Figaro” in which he title role, will be held on April 19! And while part of Sergei in it is confirmed

Moreover, in the same role on the stage of the theatre. A. S. Pushkin the singer promises to get tons and 20 April. And the next day, 21 April, Lazarev planned solo concert in Rostov-on-don, which also has not yet been cancelled.

In General, we hope that everything worked out, and a fall at a concert in St. Petersburg is indeed a special case. Although Sergey, probably, should keep themselves, because the Eurovision song contest kicks off may 10.

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