Cтало известно, когда именно Ирина Шейк станет мамой
The model and her boyfriend thought of a name for a child.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk


That Irina Shayk is pregnant, everyone knew
recently. However, as it turned out, the parents have already decide how
to name your firstborn! Moreover, it became known when the child
Irene and Bradley Cooper will appear on the light. This was announced by the Internet site hollywoodlife.com.

Irina invented an extremely effective way
to declare her pregnancy. Without having made any preliminary statements, it
appeared on the catwalk during a show of the new collection of Victoria’s models
Paris — in spectacular lingerie with garters, which allowed everyone to see her
already quite noticeable tummy. Now
one of the female friends of the model revealed exactly when Irina needs to give birth
calculations: the birth of her first born is expected in late may-early June

says girlfriend Irina Shayk boyfriend — actor Bradley Cooper, which is in may 2015, is in
perfectly delighted at the prospect of soon becoming a dad. As it turned out, Cooper
dreams of a daughter, although, of course, be happy anyway. Irina and Bradley
already managed to agree on what name they will give their first-born. Bradley, who adored his father, who retired
in 2011-m to year, wants in any case to name their child
in his honor. If it’s a boy he’ll be called Charles, and if you are a girl one of her names will be “Charlie.”