It became known what happened with the killer beheaded girls

Стало известно, что произошло с убийцей обезглавленной девочки “Bloody nanny” will avoid a prison sentence. According to the preliminary results of the examination, a native of Uzbekistan, decapitated in Moscow four-year-old girl, suffers from severe mental illness.

      Стало известно, что произошло с убийцей обезглавленной девочки

      Until now, the country is experiencing the shock of the crime committed by Gulchekhra Bobokulov, which later people called the “bloody nanny”. The last day of February a native of Uzbekistan, who was looking after 4-year-old girl, killed his ward, beheaded her and went to walk around the city. Hundreds of passersby watched in horror as the woman walked, holding the baby’s head and shouting terrorist threats. After law enforcement took down a criminal, revealed that there were no explosives at it at itself was not. The woman came under investigation.

      Parents of beheaded girl fought for her life before the tragedy

      Today appeared information about the fact that Bobokulov can avoid a prison sentence. Psychiatric examination recognised the murderer deranged. According to preliminary data, the woman discovered serious illness – paranoid schizophrenia. Most often this disease occurs in middle age and proceeds mainly with delusional and hallucinatory disorders. During the illness formed a distorted way of thinking, a person can be an obsessive person.

      It is known that the Norwegian terrorist Andres Breivik, who carried out the explosion in Central Oslo and attacked a youth camp, two groups of physicians also put “paranoid schizophrenia”. As a result of his attacks 77 people dead and 151 injured. Later, the diagnosis was removed, and Breivik was sentenced to 21 years in prison.

      In the case of Bobokulov, most likely, the killer beheaded the girls will be sent to a psychiatric hospital.

      According to “Interfax” citing a source in the coming weeks the investigation will give the results of forensic psycho-psychiatric examination. But now experts agree that a woman is not subject to criminal prosecution and is unable to answer for their actions in full.

      Family mourns child killed. “Thank you all for the support and assistance of moral, material and spiritual, for Your prayer for our daughter Nastya, – I wrote after the funeral on his page on “Facebook” Vladimir Meshcheryakov, dad beheaded girls. – She is now in heaven with Christ our Lord and our guardian angel. Bless You and your families the Lord!”

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