It became known, to whom Egor Krid traded Daria Klucina

Стало известно, на кого Егор Крид променял Дарью Клюкину
Rapper a suspect in connection with the young singer.

Photo: Instagram

Almost a month has passed since the end of the show “the Bachelor,” in which Egor Krid handed the ring to the winner of the project Daria Lukinoj. Fans of the rapper believed that this girl was for him more than others. However, apparently Egor and Dasha began to build relationships outside of the project.

Creed even allows himself to speak in the Network that “it means nothing”. He said one of his fan, a ring and roses is just the attributes that are needed exclusively for the show and they have nothing to do with real life.

Recently Egor creed celebrated his 24th birthday. Though the singer and released a joint video with Lukinoj, but at the party she never showed up. Is not that the main proof that they are actually not together?

But according to eyewitnesses Yegor departed not from the two newest members of team BlackStar, singer НаZимы. Moreover, the creed previously said publicly that “I was glad to see a girl among the potential brides.”

Egor and НаZима sang a duet, and they kept looking at each other with loving eyes. At some point creed on the stage drew the girl to himself absolutely the host’s gesture, after which the attendees began to suspect that the artists BlackStar is clearly something there, the newspaper reports 365info.

Official statement Egor and НаZима has not yet been done, but after that admirers have no doubt that it is only a matter of time.