It became known the possible name of the solo “spider-Man”

Стало известно возможное название сольного «Человека-паука»

Details about his new film about spider-Man we know very little. Today we discovered a possible full name for the upcoming picture.

This became possible thanks to Sony Pictures studios. The company has registered a domain name that may be directly relevant to the title of the next solo film project. It sounds SpiderManHomecomingTheMovie, which can be translated as “spider-Man: the Return home”.

Recall that in addition to the new freestyle project with Sony, where the main role plays Tom Holland, a rival of Sony, Marvel, presented the image of spider-Man in the movie “the First avenger 3: the Confrontation” which will be presented to the audience in may this year.

The film also will star Marisa Tomei, Senda and others. Director of the film, which at the time of this writing was not yet ready, will be Jonathan watts.

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