Стало известно имя преемника Армена Джигарханяна в театре
The potential of a new artistic Director called mark Rudinshtein.

Стало известно имя преемника Армена Джигарханяна в театре

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan

the Moscow theatre headed by Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, seem to have become
hostage to his personal drama, which is already almost a year watching the whole country. For
this time the famous actor and Director much “handed” and for health reasons
almost stopped doing theater. Artists can’t meet his
the head, because the last time he visited his office in early may.
The theater’s team not have a clue about what will be their
the near future. After two weeks of closed season,
and all go on vacation. What will happen after is unknown. The question of who can
replace Armen Borisovich in his post, not asking in a whisper: open,

One of the candidates for the position of Director of theater
was his friend and producer mark Rudinshtein.

“My candidacy for the position of Director of the theatre
was held in Moscow Department of culture. But I heard that Armen Borisovich has
calmly talking about his successor as artistic Director. Such conversations go. What
to do: age and illness make themselves felt. The body needs to “repair”,
every week Dzhigarkhanyan falls prevention. They say most likely
the candidate is an actor and Director Sergei Gazarov. He staged performances in the theater
Dzhigarkhanyan and “contemporary”. Let’s see what decision will be Gazarova in
the Department,” said Rudinshteyn in a telephone conversation, the journalists of “KP”.

Sergey ishkhanovich refuses to discuss this topic, but
the possibility of his appointment denies.

Sergey Gazarov