It became known the name of the new “Wolverine”

Стало известно название нового «Росомахи»

The third coming “Wolverine” will be out very soon. Film premiere is planned for March 2017. At the moment about the new film, little is known.

Стало известно название нового «Росомахи»


The creators of “Wolverines” are reluctant to share details of the project, only the lead actor, Hugh Jackman sometimes tells fans about his preparation for filming. For example, the Australian admitted that he had to sweat in the gym to achieve the desired shape. Chu gained about 20 pounds to his Wolverine looked scary and menacing.

The veil of mystery was disclosed: on the official page of the film in social networks was published on the official poster and was announced the subtitle of the film. The third spin-off about Wolverine is called “Wolverine: Logan”. Recall, Logan – the name of the character in the film.

“In the new film the Wolverine is getting older and is quite predictable. His abilities are not as they used to be. He gradually fades away, and pain, chilling his body, becoming more frequent,” — said the leading man and his character.

Note that Wolverine: Logan” will get an R-rating (under 17 without a parent to watch a film not recommended), what is the reason yet difficult to guess.