It became known the name of the new agent 007

Стало известно имя нового агента 007

James bond will play Tom Hiddleston.

In several foreign publications, including the Daily Mail and the Independent, has information on who will replace Daniel Craig in “the service of her Majesty”. And it is not about Idris Elba, who has for many years been tipped tuxedo agent of Mi-6. According to journalists, the next bond will be 35-year-old Tom Hiddleston, best known for the role of bad guy Loki in a series of paintings about “the Avengers”.

Стало известно имя нового агента 007

Стало известно имя нового агента 007

The actor has already met with the Director of James bond by Sam Mendes. After this rendezvous in the bookmaker rushed the crowd to put on a new performer of the role of agent 007. In the end, this bet just disappeared from the list, the auction was closed. This is despite the fact that in addition to the Volume among the favorites for the role of bond included Tom hardy, Damian Lewis, Aidan Turner, but after a fateful encounter of Hiddleston with Director their chances of winning decreased significantly.

Recall that 48-year-old Daniel Craig, who starred in the last four parts of James bond, announced his desire to leave the project. Moreover, the actor said that he would rather commit suicide than will once again play agent 007.

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