It became known that Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova married

Стало известно, когда Никита Пресняков и Алена Краснова сыграют свадьбу Girl musician spoke about the upcoming celebration. The bride is the grandson of Alla Pugacheva gave to understand that the most important events in the lives of young people remains very little time. Apparently, preparing for the wedding in the family star entered the active phase.

The heir to the famous Russian family of Nikita Presnyakov and his fiancee Alena Krasnova preparing for the most important event in my life. There is a young wedding. As it turned out, before the celebration will begin in a few weeks. Alena Krasnova, communicating with followers of his microblog, he made it clear that she and Nikita will soon be sent to the Registrar. Alena Krasnova demonstrated in his luxurious wedding dress. “Oh, that will be”, – has signed a snapshot of beauty. It is unclear, in this outfit she will say the cherished “Yes” to your lover or will make a choice in favor of another image.

Fans Alena immediately began to admire the incredibly beautiful dress future bride and to ask her to Nikita Presnyakov on the date of the wedding. Answering the question, when will be celebration, Alena Krasnova simply replied “Summer”. When this girl chose to keep secret the month and exact date of marriage.

“Alenochka, heartily welcome!”, “You are great and your feelings are wonderful! It can be seen. Take care of each other! Sure! No matter what, always stay near!” “I congratulate you! Huge happiness to you and eternal love. You are a very beautiful couple,” the followers of Alena Krasnova responded to her in the bridesmaid dress wishes of good and happiness.

Recall that Nikita Presnyakov and Alain Krasnov decided to get married, it became known in mid-March. The musician proposed to his girlfriend on her birthday, March 8. Congratulating favorite, Nikita gave her a ring and asked me to be his wife. Alena said Yes. This touching and romantic scene was observed by the friends of the couple – the young man ventured to make an offer hands and hearts during noisy celebrations in the restaurant on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Alena Krasnova.

It should be noted that the family of Nikita Presnyakov love his girlfriend. Endorsed the selection of the grandson of Alla Pugacheva. Alla Pugacheva about the wedding of his grandson: “Alain would be a good wife”

“Alain, I really like it! –shared Pugacheva with “StarHit”. She is a very sweet girl, perfect, Nikita, I think, will be a good wife.” Alla Borisovna admitted that will be glad to help the bride-to-be grandson to choose a wedding image.