It became known that Gurchenko was forced desperately to fight aging

Стало известно, что заставляло Гурченко так отчаянно бороться со старостью
A friend of the actress revealed the secret Lyudmila Markovna.

Lyudmila Gurchenko


Stages of struggle Lyudmila Gurchenko for leaving youth took place in front of the entire country. She continued acting, to go on stage to participate in various television projects, but each year was becoming less and less like its former self. Director Andrey Zhitinkin, who worked with Lyudmila Markovna on several productions, recalls: “Her face remained lovely, but the Lucy less and less satisfied. Closer to the final it is increasingly stopping in front of the mirror, exclaimed: “what am I to do with it? What to do with it?” I once asked: “Lucy who?” — “This damned old age!” At some point, the father began a desperate struggle for youth. We talked with her about this, I asked: “Lucy, why do these games?” — “You know, Andrew, I, for many the hope! Look at me, and someone raises his head, someone he squares his shoulders, begins to catch up, to be invigorated. And that’s what I’m trying. It is very important to me”. She, too, was in front of my eyes. Lucy told me that when she was an aspiring actress, came to the concert of Marlene Dietrich. She acted in a stunning silver gown, which weighed, according to rumors, more than seven pounds. And Lucy remembered: “she is three hours stood in this dress! It’s been seen that the dress is heavy…” And she spent many hours also stood heel, straight back… Like no age, no ailments…”

The only thing that Gurchenko was easy in its struggle for youth and beauty, is a wonderful waist. The Zhitinkin believes that all the talk about the fact that the actress is incredibly tortured himself, keeping the figure — is nonsense. “She could after the show, at about 12 midnight to say, “Oh, I want to eat!” To call the restaurant, get a huge rare steak and eat it. And some pasta with seafood. Lucy never calculated calories. And couldn’t recover. On stage she was burned. The figure was given to her from God. But time was taking its toll, Lucy could not win this war. Although he fought heroically! I called her a week before her departure. Offered to play in my play based on the novel by Tennessee Williams “the Roman spring of Mrs. stone”. Gurchenko really liked the idea, she got very excited. And so easy, probros I said: “the Only thing I’ve broken. Went out with the dogs for a walk and fell… But when I come to a form that will immediately begin rehearsals!” She to her situation was treated without tragedy: broken — fixed. But it turns out it’s more than that… that Lucy was gone, I learned of the news… And don’t believe it at first. Thought it was another rumor. After several times already wrote about the departure of Jack. And she just grinned: “So, I’m going to live long!” But this time it turned out — really…”

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