It became known that caused angelina Jolie to get behind the wheel of the aircraft

Стало известно, что заставило Анджелину Джоли сесть за штурвал самолета
The eldest son of the actress appeared a dangerous hobby.

Стало известно, что заставило Анджелину Джоли сесть за штурвал самолета

Angelina Jolie


It is no secret that many Hollywood
stars-men have the skills for the management of aircraft. This hobby can boast, for example, Tom cruise, John Travolta, Harrison Ford and Kurt Russell. But
that Angelina Jolie — at least a brave pilot than her colleagues related
to “strong floor”, know far not all.

In the documentary, recently shown on
American TV, Jolie told how she first came over
the controls of the aircraft. As told by the actress, she started taking flying lessons
more in 2004. Her adopted son Maddox, who was at that time
very small, literally “raving”
planes, and Jolie, who then became a foster mom for the first time, was
willing to do anything to impress the son. His flight license she received in
2004, successfully passing the course. A year later she again started to take lessons,
to improve their skills.

Then Jolie and brad pitt, who
was not yet married, were in Canada. And brad, as it turned out, then
also started to learn to manage the “flying car”. However, his enthusiasm in
unlike Jolie, didn’t last long, but Angelina continued to practice
piloting and was able to realize a dream of Maddox, who just adored her
to fly and called it “that supermom”. Its first aircraft was a single-engine Cirus SR22-G2. It Jolie “katala” son with a clear conscience,
after all, this flying machine was equipped with a special parachute, which could, in the case
failure of the motor, to help to land the entire plane!

Curiously, when Maddox
grew — he is now 16 years — he never lost his love of planes. As
said Jolie, this year he also began to take flying lessons.
She Angelina found out about it accidentally when she called the instructor and said,
that Maddox is ready for first solo flights! “I almost dropped
the phone in surprise!” — admitted Jolie. But the son reassured her and promised,
he will be very careful.

Angelina Jolie with children