It became known how much Daniel Craig in new bond movie

Стало известно, сколько заплатят Дэниелу Крэйгу за новый фильм про Бонда
The actor has sacrificed career for family.

Daniel Craig


Because Daniel Craig has agreed to play 007 in the fifth,
last time, he will get a serious amount — $ 25 million.
Thus, Craig will bypass the other two actors, considered today the most
highly paid in Hollywood. We are talking about Dwayne Johnson, who promised
for his next film, the Thriller Red Notice — 22 million
and VIN Diesel, who starred friend
action movie — The Fate of the Furiouse —
for $ 20 million.

However, Craig could get even more. After
Daniel completed production on the previous film about James bond, he stated that
“‘d rather slit my wrists than be back playing bond”. The producers of James bond would have done anything to keep Craig. According to rumors, he promised a whole
100 million if he agrees to star in two movies. After a long
thought Craig still decided to once again play agent 007. But absolutely
said that removed only one, his final movie about bond.
So he lost the opportunity to film in times more.

However, Daniel, it seems, was not too disappointed: he
decided to revise their priorities. In 2011, the actor married
actress Rachel Weisz, and has now decided that it is time to finally do
his family. His wife is expecting a child, which
will be the first for Craig. To be able to spend more time
with his wife and his child who was soon to be born, Craig even
managed to make shooting a new movie about the agent 007 was
deferred. New, 25-th film about
Bond will be released until November 2019.