It became known for what show Flying has gone from “Revizorro”

Стало известно, ради какого шоу Летучая ушла из «Ревизорро»

This time the blonde will help girls… to lose speed and money.

Long time fans wondered about the reasons for leaving Lena Fly from “Revizorro”… at First it was rumored that the glamorous blonde fell out with the leadership of the TV channel, then she was pregnant, after, and all that wants to move from Moscow. But none of this was true. As it turned out, Flying left “Revizorro” for the new show “Stroinski”.

So no more angry now, owners of hotels and restaurants. Lena will fight with the girls with curvaceous. At least, so I assume the creators of the new are expected the popular TV show.

Participating in the “Stroynyashek” will lose weight on a bet. Meanwhile, the Volatile will be their main mentor and guide in the war against extra pounds. And no wonder! TV presenter in his 36 looks amazing, as watching their diet with a special thrill.

“I try to eat right, — said Elena, writes magazine “7 days”. — For example, do not mix proteins with carbohydrates, not eat at night. And even completely excluded from the diet foods that just destroy the body — chips, fried potatoes, salted nuts, pickles, canned food, sweet sodas. Vegetables-like fruits. But salt, almost do not eat — my mother was taught from childhood. When cook and her man, he asks to pass the salt shaker”.

Show participants will be recruited from across the country. She is very slender in the end will receive a cash prize.

By the way!

The program “revizorro” will be… faces! As already known, the new host of the TV show will be a ex-participant of “via gra” Olga Romanov.

The singer has already started shooting and, as they say colleagues, full of enthusiasm.

“I’ve been compared to a sex symbol, chic Nadia Granovskaya, to the place which I, a young Sparrow, came to the group, – said Olga Romanov to journalists. — Are you scared of the comparisons with Lena? No. She’s a great professional, beautiful woman… And I have no problems with self-esteem! Understand that the experience I need to accumulate for months, but I am quite sure of himself. And absolutely another – will be able to make this show something new. I have only a little time”.

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