It became known as messing had been treated with hypnosis

Стало известно, как Мессинг лечил гипнозом
Called the son of a famous psychic medium spoke about the unknown pages of his biography.

Стало известно, как Мессинг лечил гипнозом

Wolf Messing

A mysterious figure of wolf messing many years after his departure, continues to excite interest. There are not many people who knew him personally, and moreover was close to the family of the famous psychic. “7D” sought out the man whom the sound had called his son. Psychiatrist Leo Nevler residing in Canada and in your ‘ 91 has a wonderful memory. In particular, he remembered the episode, when she not only showed the abilities of a telepath, but took part in the session of hypnosis, which was completely cured a young patient in a psychiatric hospital, where Leo then served Paulovic.

“I was told that messing looking for me. We have not seen, but it turns out he went to Gomel where we then lived, on tour, ” says Leo Nevler. — I rushed to call the hotel, I connected. Messing, in the tube hearing my voice, very happy, “Lev, come now, because the hour of the day and in the evening the concert!” This meant that to communicate we have quite a bit of time: three to four hours before the show messing with anyone at all not spoken, focused. In the hotel with me stuck right colleague, the Chairman of the trade Union of the hospital. And here we are with wolf warmly embraced, he said he missed that evening at his concert, after which they Ivanovo are going to visit me. Then the conversation took the same one a colleague of mine, and giving the invitations of the chief, added that the Union will pay for performance. Messing, usually played for money, suddenly was furious. Yelling that no one dares to buy and sell. I can hardly calmed the wolf Grigorievich, saying that a colleague did not understand, and we want to see him as guest of honor. This version of the film was completely arranged, and he is not just addressed us the next day, but held a hypnotic session with one of our patient.This boy was a candidate for the gold medalists, but in 10th grade he started having psychosis. He had enlarged tonsils, and it seemed to him that in his throat and really live the Viper, he even the names they have come up with: Dennis and darling. Before you start a session, messing said, “Bring me a VAT of boiling water — to steam was, and the toy snakes” (we just found the toys in the children’s Department). In hypnosis of the boy he was loaded instantly, and I didn’t know how. Then he says: “Open your mouth, wider, wider”. The boy obeyed. Messing says, “Denise, crawl out, but the sleeves of releases, and drops in boiling water first toy snake. — Everything Dennis you will not return, he boiled. Do you agree?” The boy nods. Then I continued: “darling, it’s your turn! Crawl out from your sockets!” And now, from the second sleeve protrudes a toy snake and also falls into the boiling water. Then I did over the boy’s head passes hands, saying, “Now everything will be fine, everything will be OK now”. Then brought the patient out of hypnosis. In the hospital he spent another week, doctors had to make sure that he’s healthy. Then he was discharged. The boy returned to school, passed exams and went to College…”

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Wolf messing in the center

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