Выяснилось, почему сын Виктории Бекхэм бросил учебу
19-year-old Brooklyn took an unexpected decision.

Выяснилось, почему сын Виктории Бекхэм бросил учебу

Brooklyn Beckham


Victoria Beckham


One of the friends of 19-year-old Brooklyn, the eldest son of
Victoria and David Beckham, issued the reporter newspaper the Mirror the secret of his friend. He revealed the real reason Brooklyn
abandoned his studies at new York University, which he previously could only dream of.

As it turned out, all this time the son of Victoria led
secret negotiations with boohooMan,
producing men’s clothing. Now he is close to signing a contract for 2.5
million pounds! They say representatives of the company was impressed by the number of subscribers to the page a young person in a social Network (nearly 12 million) but also his family in the fashion industry. If the negotiations succeeds, Brooklyn
will work out for boohooMan, which boasts a turnover of 183 billion for
the last six months, my own clothing line. Looks like the son of Victoria lost
hope that the craft of the photographer, which he chose for himself before, bring
him serious money and he decided to follow in the footsteps of her mother. However,the line
which will develop Brooklyn, will differ significantly from the models
Victoria. His specialty will become trendy, but affordable clothing.

It is unlikely the new work does not
leave Brooklyn free time:he will be able to combine a boarding school
the famous British photographer, for which he, according to the official version, and
left University with his new activities. Thinks about new
venture son of Victoria, is still unknown. But, as already told
Victoria, she is very happy to return his son home. “You not even imagine
can how I missed him!” — said the player’s wife in retirement.