Выяснилось, почему Максим Чернявский объявил Анне Седоковой войну
The truth about this the grandmother told the businessman.

Выяснилось, почему Максим Чернявский объявил Анне Седоковой войну

Anna Sedokova

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It became clear why the former husband of Anna Sedokova Maxim Cherniavsky filed
a singer in the court and sought sole custody of their daughter Monica. This was told by the grandmother of a businessman
Marina Petrovna. She explained why her son was afraid that Anna can take
daughter and forbid her from seeing her dad. That is, in the words of the great-grandmother of Monica,
the artist did with the first husband, who died four years

“There was another point, why did Maxim did so. First husband
Anna footballer Valentin Belkevich, when they divorced, signed Sedokova
permission to travel abroad for a year — said Chernyavskaya with “Komsomolskaya
true.” — Prior to their departure to America Belkevich took Alina to his
Kiev, presented her huge bags with toys and clothing. It was obvious that the child
he loved. Later Sedokova asked Belkevich permission to leave already
three years. They say that every time not to run to the notary. Valentin gave this
permission. Anna broke off all communications with him. Valentin found me and
asked phone his daughter Alina. He called the girl a couple of times, and after
this Sedokova changed Alina’s phone number. Belkevich immediately filed in court
Los Angeles. And he lost the case because were not three years that he
let the daughter leave. Belkevich died in August 2014. Before he died, the child
not seen.”

Recall, recently it became known that Anna and Maxim came to
agreement in the custody battle over daughter Monica. The singer and her ex-husband
signed a settlement agreement that established the right of girl’s education.
Cherniavsky lawyers were able to persuade Sedokova to compromise. Custody of Monica
parents shared equally. That is, half the time she will spend with
dad and another with mom. Live girl, as before, will be in America, as
in school Los Angeles. Anna will be able to spend with my daughter holidays, and also
to meet with her at any time without guards.

Maxim Cherniavsky with daughter Monica

Photo: Instagram.com