It again: Britney Spears had an affair with 22-year-old

Опять за свое: Бритни Спирс закрутила роман с 22-летним

New elect singer was a male model.

A few months ago in an interview Britney said that time given up on men, it is necessary to have a career, which has suffered badly during her emotional dramas. Said Britney and forgot as soon as he saw 22-year-old Beau Sam Asgari.

With muscular brutal brunette Britney met on the set of their own clip Slumber Party, which appeared in rotation in November. Mysterious guy with a scar on the face, which Spears says the party in the mansion, and then plays in front of him a sexy dance on the table – this is asghari. And then the singer can understand: looking at Sam, is simply impossible to resist, but… what about the promise to take his head and not rush into love? I think his Britney did not keep. Embracing couple are no longer seen in public.

On the one hand, I want the singer to be happy, she found a man-picture. But on the other – like a young man again broke her heart… Fans of the star are concerned about the fact that Sam is younger than her for 12 years! Is he able to treat her and to her children really?

Britney, note, tend to fall in love and rush into the pool with his head, where, as a rule, emerges from rehab. These adventures already cost her image, career, money and good reputation. And when the star was just beginning its return to the musical Olympus, was in love again. Although maybe it really is the one true love?