Островная планировка кухни

Островная планировка кухни

Long gone are the days when the kitchen was assigned the minimum requirements and functions. Our grandmothers and mothers had to take what was considered necessary in the opinion of the party and government: no frills and frills, just like everyone, all standard and rather dull. Fortunately, since then a lot has changed. A huge number of designers around the world are working tirelessly, improving the interiors and funkcionalnosti premises. Not spared all these innovations and the kitchen has become not only a place for cooking, but a real embodiment of the flight design ideas. A great spot for family get-togethers, both stylish and comfortable, special place with many modern functional and technical solutions. The current owners increasingly prefer in kitchen design, the so-called “island” options.

Kitchen island have called at a certain distance from basic furniture (headset with any shape) kitchen table. His main task is unloading functional space, due to the variety of tables, cabinets and so on. It is used as storage and as additional, and sometimes the main countertop. Thanks to modern technology, the island can be supplemented with anything, from washing and cooking surface ending the most incredible innovative devices. Island layout is perfectly suited to spacious, ideally the shape of a square.

How perfectly arranged kitchen island?

Current apartment and cottages with an improved layout, as a rule, have a rather large area of the room. In this plan the kitchen is the rare exception and the island could not be better able to fill the huge space, giving additional comfort and functionality. But in older homes can make a kitchen island, after the coherent and meets all the standards of redevelopment. Only here not be confined to the expansion of space, if the island will be equipped with a sink or cooktop, you will need to take care of communications. The presence of a sink will necessarily require the summing of hot and cold water, structures of the drainage system. For hob at least will need to create a drawing which in most cases is attached to the ceiling. There are also more complex and takes extra space option, the fastening of the hoods is carried out by a special stand, and the ventilation system is not mounted in the ceiling and the floor. Of the two options of course preferable to choose a hood with ventilation system, passing under the hinged or suspended ceilings. This design will provide an unobstructed approach to any point of the “island” without creating any additional inconvenience.

Островная планировка кухни

As cooktops often choose touch, but if you want you can install and gas, for this lay special gas hoses in the floor(such work must done by qualified personnel with appropriate security clearance. As for the size of these kitchen Islands, there are no strict recommendations. It all depends on the area of the premises, from the function load that you expect him to lay, built-well equipment and financial capabilities. In addition to the traditional Islands is now becoming increasingly popular so-called “Peninsula” which is a kind of branch from the main kitchen.

Островная планировка кухни

This option is most suitable for city apartments with limited kitchen space, to change it by redesign is not possible due to various reasons. Which option you would prefer, it should be remembered that such a kitchen will cost considerably more expensive than usual that more than is blocked to its unlimited functionality.

The use of the island in the kitchen

As one of the main use cases of the island can be considered as an additional and very convenient working surface. If we exclude equipment expensive machinery, installation of outlets will give you the opportunity to use any kitchen appliances.

The second most common is the use of the island as the bar. If you choose this option, then the island need to order a wide or countertop with different levels.

Picking these tops are also ideal for use as a dining table. But the best option will be applying the well of the island as the kitchen table is equipped with a sink and hob. Supplemented with various open shelves, which can serve as a place for kitchen utensils and various elements of the decor.

The pros and cons of island kitchen layout

Of course the main plus is the convenience of this kitchen. Cooking here will only be a pleasure, thanks to the rational and functional arrangement of all necessary that will save her from unnecessary movements and the need to wind the extra meters from one corner of the kitchen to another. Just as important, and certainly a positive feature of this plan, you can call it the possibility of zoning the space between the kitchen and living room which is very important for Studio apartments. By taking away you do not have to leave them in order to keep track of the pie this can be done without interrupting the communication with them.

Like everything in the world, with all the advantages of the Islands have their disadvantages.One of the main, the need for more space than a conventional kitchen. And the connection of additional communications equipment “island” with a sink or cooktop will take also quite a hassle. If in a country cottage have all these technical details will be much easier to implement in a city apartment apart from the hassle you have to sacrifice the extra inches of the floor and ceiling. The bar will not only functional and comfortable, and of course never will be able to compete with a full dining table.