Исинбаева: «Спасибо за похороны легкой атлетики»

Sports arbitration court rejected the claim of Helen and 67 of our athletes. For all these athletes, the Olympics in Rio is cancelled.

Russian athletes suspended from participation in tournaments in November 2015 after the report and recommendations of the independent Committee of WADA, Richard pound, where he talked about the problems with doping in the country. Our athletics Federation was invited to fulfill a number of conditions to return to the international arena. Some of them were implemented. But in June 2016 the international athletics Federation has upheld the disqualification of the Russians, and it means that they did not get to the Olympics. But the chance was still.

2 Jul 68 our athletes who were not suspected of taking performance-enhancing drugs, filed a lawsuit in the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) to be made in Rio. They say they are innocent and should not suffer for the mistakes of others.

The meeting lasted three days (the same two-time Olympic champion Yelena Isinbayeva was present and gave testimony), but in the end the verdict was disappointing. CAS dismissed the lawsuit. This means that athletes, with the exception of the jumper in length Daria Kishineu (she trains in USA, not in Russia, so she was allowed to play the Games in Brazil, the Olympics will not go.

All that was necessary to make the athlete – to jump the standard to take the test and act. Thank you all for the funeral of athletics. This is a purely political order. All the arguments directed against the club and nothing concrete against athletes, Express paid, – said Isinbayeva this verdict.

Now the international Olympic Committee may remove from the Game our entire team. The final verdict will be announced Sunday.

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