Isinbayeva surprised the flowered view of the last month of pregnancy

Исинбаева удивила цветущим видом на последнем месяце беременности
The gymnast will soon become a mother for the second time.

Photo: Instagram

Yelena Isinbayeva to have a second child, but this does not prevent her from a lot of walking and spending time with his beloved daughter. Recently she noticed in the children’s entertaining center, where she had come with a 3 year eve. The girl ran, jumped and rode on the carousel, and Elena sat and watched her.

Despite the fact that the gymnast is in her last month of pregnancy, she looks just fine. She proves once again that pregnancy is not a disease in which a must lie down and do nothing. Of course, if all proceeds without complications. Before the New year, Isinbayeva appeared regularly in the office of his charitable Foundation, where they made plans for 2018. Apparently, to sit up in the decree Elena is not going to.

By the way, recently she revealed the secret of how to most quickly get in shape after childbirth. Oddly enough, she was advised to exercise and during pregnancy. Of course, not to jump with a pole and don’t swing on power and cardio it is advised not to give up.

“Pregnancy is not a disease! she says. Can be a bit the bike and twist. This will help me to quickly come in shape after childbirth”.

So the secret Isinbayeva is a sports mode. Muscles need to give your regular load, though minimal, then they will not “grow fat”.

And the fans said that once Elena looks so beautiful, so light must be a boy. Because the girl according to the folk belief during pregnancy “take mother’s beauty.”