Изабелла Росселлини стала бабушкой
The actress fainted on the birth of a daughter.

Изабелла Росселлини стала бабушкой

Isabella Rossellini with her daughter Elettra


Actress Isabella Rossellini, daughter
the legendary Ingrid Bergman, finally became a grandmother. Her daughter Elettra gave birth to
her grandson, who was named a ronin Hendrik. The father of the baby was the boyfriend Electri — actor Caleb lane. We will remind, herself, Elettra is the daughter of Isabella from the second
husband actress — John Weidenman. And
the first husband, but was the Maestro Martin Scorsese. Carried Isabella and
famous Boyfriends: her buddies was directed by David Lynch and
Oscar-winning actor Gary Oldman.

As told to Isabella,
daughter allowed her to attend the birth, but it is, alas, not “justify it
of confidence.” “I brought in Electro
the hospital. But when Elettra labor began, I felt bad. And
a couple of hours looking at how tormented daughter, I fainted. When I
came to himself, Elettra said: “All mum, you’re “fired!” And I had to leave
home…” — said him. As it turned out later, Elettra did
wisely: the delivery was delayed for the whole day, so Isabella anyway so
would not have lasted.

By the way, recently in your professional life Isabella was a joyful
event. 65-year-old Rossellini in addition to working in film has made a successful
a career as a model, received an unexpected proposal. Firm Lancome has offered
her new contract. “I was very surprised. After all, 20 years ago, when I
turned 43 years, they fired me, hinting that I was
old. I thought, it’s funny for it
while I was younger! However, did not give up…” — admitted

The Grandson Of Isabella Rosselini Ronin Hendrik

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