ISA told me how he gotten himself in shape after childbirth

Айза рассказала, как привела себя в форму после родов

The star of the social networks, two weeks ago became a mother for the second time, revealed the secret of harmony.

3 Oct a 31 year old businesswoman and star Insragram ISA Anokhin became a mother for the second time – came to light, her son Elvis. And after only a few weeks after birth the young mother was struck by subscribers a slim figure by posting a selfie, which has an absolutely flat stomach.

ISA members agreed that now she looks even better than before pregnancy. “How is that possible?! To look like this, only recently having given birth?!” – in one voice they asked.

And ISA shared a secret with a new selfie detailed post:

“How? It’s easy! To eat right during pregnancy! Every day to smear themselves with oil! Not to be lazy! To increase skin elasticity can only be constantly moisturizing! Immediately after birth the stomach back in place. Yes, maybe it is also genetics, as many people like to write! But it can be fooled. After birth it took two weeks exactly. I didn’t do anything with them, apart from eating and drinking balance. Very afraid that with the arrival of the milk will come and the extra pounds. But I was spared. Yes, I’m flabby, and even have cellulite on the thighs under his ass. But after two months of sports and massages it all goes. I’m in no hurry and I will do everything in mind and without harm to health. I have a problem area hands, working on them for two years. I hope this time can make them to most liked. No don’t take pills!!! Injections don’t! I am a coward. And too many allergies to have something to experience for yourself. To the ideal is very far away! You need to work. But I’m not afraid of work. Just waiting for the right moment. And while stretching, and proper nutrition”.