ISA Dolmatova threw a party for son

Айза Долматова закатила вечеринку для сына Celebrity celebrated the sixth birthday of the heir. ISA Dolmatova staged a Grand celebration for Sam. She took the time and effort to please your beloved child. Apparently, the guests were happy with the holiday.

      Айза Долматова закатила вечеринку для сына

      Soon the ex-wife of rapper Guf ISAs Dolmatova will become a mother for the second time. But today she celebrated the birth of his first heir Sam. The boy was six years old. In his honor, the celebrity gathered friends of his child and threw a real party. Apparently, the holiday really was a success. Dolmatova shared with his fans details of past celebrations.

      “The party came to an end. Left survivors. The man in the pool today without stopping cooked seafood and grilled vegetables. Uti had prepared so much food that is beyond words. I sliced the zucchini and followed along. There were about 20 kids! A lot of games! A lot of noise and an incredible amount of food that I never ate. Guests have not gone yet, but my belly a rest! For the first time in seven hours reached the Internet! Soon I will answer all to the congratulations. Love you,” said the ISA in the microblog.

      Айза Долматова закатила вечеринку для сына

      Fans were surprised at such a big party, which for the sake of his beloved son threw a pregnant Dolmatova. They admired the fact that she, as a loving mother, was able to organize such a huge event.

      “Happy birthday Semik. He’s a wonderful boy, let it remains so always. Let it grow healthy, happy and always pleases his mother”, “happy birthday, Sami. All the best to you, wish to grow up as smart and beautiful boy. I wish you success in all your endeavors. We love you”, “happy birthday Semik! Let grow healthy, beautiful and wonderful boy! Let there always be surrounded by the same love and care that he receives every day from their parents. Bright people to him in his life!” – wrote in the microblog followers ISA.

      But the very first person who congratulated the boy with such a day was, of course, ISA. She has published archival photographs on which her son is still quite small. She could not believe that so quickly passed six years since the birth of the heir.

      Айза Долматова закатила вечеринку для сына

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