ISA Anokhina tried to make excuses for plastic surgery

Айза Анохина попыталась оправдаться за пластические операции
Fans businesswoman ISA Anokhina not cease to admire the appearance of the star.

Айза Анохина попыталась оправдаться за пластические операции

But some time ago members were surprised the news about plastic surgery that have made ISA.

Fans started to leave negative comments in her microblog that Anokhina decided to answer.

“It was my choice. Because I’m complexed, insecure ordinary woman, like many of you. Why am I going on a particular step, can not answer. But I’m going and can’t stop me. Yes, I have never considered myself fat or something awful. But I was frustrated. Now you write that you had to go to the gym. And I have another question: why did you not do it? To condemn all ready! Not saying plastic is bad, they say – too bad!” – told the celebrity.

According to ISA, she has long wanted to improve her figure.

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