ISA Anokhina thin nerves

Айза Анохина исхудала на нервной почве Business lady so much worried about opening your own beauty shop, dropped a few pounds. The scandal, which took place on the eve of the first day of the creation Anokhina, became for her a real injury. ISA also admitted that she’s not comfortable in the weight.

      A few months ago a 32-year-old businesswoman ISA Anokhin became a mother for the second time. After some time after the replenishment in the family of a young woman plunged into work. Anokhin was planning to open her own beauty salon. However, it is important for the celebrity event took place on the background of the scandal. Makeup artist Veronica Kalashov wrote in social networks about what the room is made a bad repair, and accused the ISA that created uncomfortable conditions for work. “All this is a complete failure!” – said Kalashov.

      She ISA chose not to write posts dedicated to his former colleague. Celebrity only made it clear that she is not very like the situation. “I want to be away from it all. But the best thing we can do is to remain silent. Good day, beloved” – shared Anokhin in one of the publications.

      Fans Anokhina also noticed that it quickly came into shape after giving birth. As admitted herself ISA, it doesn’t just happen. Business lady dropped the extra pounds due to severe stress.

      “I don’t “got into shape”, and “nervously shunula”. I’m uncomfortable at this weight. Although the weight may be normal, but my feeling state in General unimportant. I can’t play sports because I was a difficult birth, and my nerve losing weight is wrong.At one point I just lost my appetite due to experiences. Then lost milk, and now you feed the baby only at night just to be safe… I’m used to working stress, but this was something out of the ordinary”, – said Anokhin.

      The woman also revealed that returned the money for tuition to everyone. In recognition of ISA, she can afford it because she has her own business and the opportunity to earn on the side is to participate in a new project, leading to work or to do a promotional post on social media.

      By the way, 10 Dec business lady celebrated her birthday. The woman was thirty-two years. At the same time and opened its doors to the salon Anokhina. To congratulate the ISA came Daria Pynzar, Vic Romanets, Olena Motylev, Elvira T, and many others.

      But despite the incident of scandal in the life of ISA is what makes her truly happy. Anokhin told reporters that sincerely glad to be a mother. The eldest son of the star tries to help her with the upbringing of the young. ISA said that, at first, Sam was jealous of the parents to Elvis, but eventually the boy began to take care of my brother.