ISA Anokhina spends thousands of dollars on the education of the eldest son

Айза Анохина спускает тысячи долларов на образование старшего сына Businesswoman explained why Sam is studying abroad. At the moment the whole family ISA is located in Bali. Star was afraid that the child will miss much of the first class, so she forced him to go to a local school.

Designer and businesswoman Svetlana Anokhina is together with his family in Bali. The woman prefers to spend winter in a warmer climate. But this year, she faced one difficulty. Her eldest son Sam, born in marriage with rapper Body, went to school in the fall. The boy was not far behind on the curriculum, the ISA had to find him a school abroad.

Anokhin told followers that Sam goes to school with his friend, Sasha, whose parents are very friendly with their family.

“You had a lot of questions about studying abroad. It is in English. All lessons are in English! They also have an Indonesian lesson and Chinese lesson. Was the choice of French or Chinese. But they chose second. Learn expensive, about 10 thousand dollars per academic year plus to buy books and uniform. In a class of 13 people. Three of them are Russian, the rest of the children from different countries. Their teacher from Finland! Young, beautiful and very nice girl!” – shared ISA with followers.

As told Anokhina, she managed to negotiate with the Russian educational institutions about the absence of the child in the classroom for several months. “Wrote a statement that in connection with a long trip son to study in another country. But we never left school! Do the job, 24 hours a day with our beloved Moscow teacher! And on arrival in Russia will pass the exams to transfer to the second class! I will not say that there is training better than in Russia, but here it is possible to learn the language! Sam comes easily to everything except sports, so I have no doubt!” – told the star on Instagram.

Many netizens gave active discussion prices paid by ISA for the formation of Sam. A number of subscribers were surprised that the family Anokhina have to pay such a considerable sum for the child’s education, and others, however, noted that private education in Russia is much more expensive.

Recall that in the microblog ISA prefers to share a staff of life, as well as to promote my own beauty Studio. Most of podeschi note that the woman herself looks gorgeous, because she managed to keep in shape after having two kids.