ISA Anokhina showed her figure after childbirth

Айза Анохина показала фигуру после родов

Star boasted of a fit body after the birth of her second baby.

3 October at 20.00 was born the second son of the star of Elvis. ISA wanted to have a baby myself naturally, but after 20 hours of labor the doctors decided to do caesarean section. October 8, ISA and Elvis went home.

The first night at home the ISA have decided what you’re afraid of a girl she showed how her body looks after childbirth and reported that there is already planning another baby!

“Well, until my son let go in the bathroom for 15 minutes, I’ll write the last post for today. Not far off another pregnancy, but this is not now. Beginning recovery, this photo was taken was 6 minutes ago, absolutely no photoshop, just a filter, so I remember my very first day after the hospital, when I looked at myself in the mirror. And you know what? I’m glad this reflection. The whole pregnancy I have not weighed not gonna start now! I important not the numbers on the scale, and the appearance, elastic athletic body and good mood of the sport. Yes, I’m after a cesarean section, about the intense workouts of the question, the doctor said 2 months! But! There are massages, eat right nutrition, which I went only in the first trimester, but quickly recovered to end the pregnancy adhered to” – shared ISA in his microblog.

The reaction of subscribers has not kept itself waiting.

“Just get, and all because of doing sports. I’m lazy, so my postpartum skin hung…,” wrote one mom.

The figure and the optimism of the ISA and the truth can only envy. Rare mother choose such a photo, and so immediately after birth to talk about a third child. Anokhina, as correctly noted by her fans, is a very brave woman.