Айза Анохина открыла правду о новом муже The pregnant star also spoke about his chosen. According to ISA Anokhina, she got a very special man who has almost no flaws. The celebrity stressed that it was very difficult to earn its location.

      In October last year, ayza Dolmatova surprised many fans with messages about second marriage. The star was married to surfer Dmitry Anokhin and took his name. This happy event brought a lot of changes in the life of a businesswoman – she moved to live in Bali, taking with them the little son of Sam, was pregnant with the second child and found inner harmony.

      Despite the fact that now, almost a year ISA regularly shares with fans family photos, about the chosen one young woman they know little. Initially, the celebrity said that her husband does not seek popularity, to talk about themselves as in contact with strangers reluctantly. With time, the words Anokhina confirmed, but because the subscribers to its microblog is very interesting to learn about the then President Dmitry more. Only 10 months later the star gave more information about life, which, as it turned out, she does not get tired to admire.

      “Dima is very private. Need to try hard to get into his social circle, ” explained the ISA. – But in this case not the fact that you will get. My husband is not everyone admits to himself. He me eight months were kept at a distance. I didn’t know how to approach him, thought he spit on me. And as it turned out, I liked him from the very first day we met, but he hid it because he was frightened of my popularity”.

      With the advent in the life of Dmitry ISA has become more peaceful, and she notices a big change in myself. Despite the fact that in Russia it is very popular, and for her life through social networks watching thousands of people elect Anokhina public person still did not. The man is much more interesting to spend time by the ocean and catching a wave, read a lot, talk with a little Sam and for self-development, rather than to microblogging. His wife is just awe-inspiring, and she is ready to spend hours to list the dignity of the father of her unborn child.

      “My husband is very serious, intelligent, well-read. He’s off the grid, he doesn’t like to be photographed. Dima prepares delicious and always beautifully serves. He has a crazy cool sense of humor. I don’t know… He’s different. I have not been in my life. About her husband I can talk endlessly for a long time, – says the star. – My husband has one drawback — it is impossible to speak in a raised voice and even more rude. And it is rather an advantage. Dima sent by God to me, I love my husband. I never thought that I can love like that. In our relationship there is this monstrosity of scandals, jealousy, obscure optics. I do not care where he is and with whom, I trust my husband.”

      Also important is the fact that the parents of ISA Anokhina happily adopted into the family of her second husband – they have a rapport among themselves and always find a common topic of conversation. Although this pregnant celebrity, by her own admission, is not interested in the opinion of the environment in the case, if Dmitri would leave them indifferent.

      “Of course I’m thankful to God that Dima and my parents get along and love each other. But in any case he will remain my husband, my man, the father of our child,” admitted Svetlana Anokhina in an interview Woman.ru.


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