ISA Anokhina responded to the accusations of the British press

Айза Анохина ответила на обвинения британской прессы
Recently in the pages of a well-known British tabloid published an article which discussed the resemblance of ISA Anokhina and Victoria Beckham.

Айза Анохина ответила на обвинения британской прессы

The article States that ISA, even posing for photographs, taking similar poses as Victoria.

“Gorgeous or not? Meet Russia’s answer to Victoria Beckham, which even the most devoted fans mistaken for Posh (Beckham’s nickname in the group Spice Girls – Ed). What do you think? ISA Anokhina shares the stunning photographs, which it resembles double Victoria, with 1.4 million followers,” says the publication.

Айза Анохина ответила на обвинения британской прессы

ISA heard this, unable to keep silent.

“A friend sent me an article which I called the Russian Victoria Beckham. (…) I was again attacked with accusations how much I paid for it. Let the cash walk. My husband and I give all the extra money for needy families and children with serious illnesses. I say this not to make you praise, and say, in fact. To buy articles? Journalists write what they want and get paid for it. The extra material can get, unless you’re a girl a sugar daddy and he’ll always “pushes,” replied ISA.

According to Anokhina, it is with respect to Victoria Beckham, but to copy her style and her behaviour, she is not going, as she is a self-sufficient person.

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