ISA Anokhina remarried

Айза Анохина снова вышла замуж In a woman’s life a significant event occurred. A businesswoman and her partner got married in one of capital registry offices. Previously, the ISA and Dmitry Anokhin got married in Las Vegas, however they failed to issue a marriage certificate abroad.

      Today it became known that 31-year-old businesswoman and designer Svetlana Anokhina decided to register their relationship with a lover, the surfer, Dmitry. A celebrity and her partner got married in Kutuzovsky registry office of Moscow. A woman and her common-law spouse decided to go through formal procedure in the capital after they failed to arrange a marriage in America.

      Earlier, a woman wrote in Instagram that Tuesday in her life happen important event. Details Anokhina prefer not to share, keeping the intrigue.

      “Tried to register a child with the American marriage certificate! But it’s harder than we thought. It was easier to do it again in Russia. And we’re married. I hope we will not be accused of bigamy. But our date 10.10.15, and this is just a formality,” reported ISA in Instagram.

      Recall that ISA and her partner Dmitry were married in Las Vegas in October of last year. With her future husband ISA met when they were in Bali. Marriage with the surfer was the second in a row for women, before she was the wife of rapper Guf. About the joyous event businesswoman said in his microblog. “In Vegas you in jest and in earnest. We chose the latter, with all the complexities: the documents the queue, the Department of marital Affairs Bureau of the marriage and so on”, – commented on the celebrity. The ceremony was held in the temple of the Little White Wedding Chapel, where previously married Britney Spears, Elvis Presley and demi Moore.

      In October of this year, the lovers happened replenishment in the family ISA gave the chosen one a charming boy, who was named Elvis. Celebrity births held at the perinatal center, located in the South-West of the capital. This whole process is filmed and aired in real-time. Initially, ISA had planned not to resort to anesthesia and surgery, but at some point something went wrong and the doctors had to operate on a star.

      Now the baby Elvis and his mom feel great. In his “Instagrame” the woman regularly shares photos where you can see the flat belly of a star. According to followers, ISA very quickly returns to shape after childbirth.