ISA Anokhina remarried

Айза Анохина снова вышла замуж

A businesswoman and star of social networks was forced to re-play the wedding with her husband.

We thought that ISA is the wife of businessman Dmitry Anokhin, from which a month ago gave birth to her son Elvis. It turns out, no: the marriage formed in October last year in the United States, in Russia proved to be invalid! And to register the baby, the couple had to get married again in our country.

This ISA informed subscribers in Instagram.

“Tried to register a child with the American marriage certificate! But it’s harder than we thought. It was easier to do it again in Russia. Yahoos. We married again. I hope we will not be accused of bigamy. But our date 10.10.15. And it’s just a formality”, signed wedding photo Anokhin.

“When he went to get the birth certificate of the son of Elvis, we were told that the American Embassy to get a special document apostille, but we, frankly, was too lazy to run around with all these papers, so we decided to re-sign, but in Russia,” said ISA in an interview

In Kutuzovsky registry office of the family came in full force: together with the ISA, was her 6-year-old son Sam, whom she gave birth to rapper Guf, and in the hands she was holding Elvis.

“In the morning I got up, got her hair done. I’m wearing a white hoodie, even pulled out of the outer box heeled ankle boots and looked, in my opinion, very elegant, although dressing up is not too wanted. The Registrar responded very warmly to our family outing. And the first time I can say I like how our public servants. We filed, and in two minutes we are already painted. Without bribes, it’s official, the birth of our baby allowed to do it very quickly,” – said Anokhin.