ISA Anokhina refused plastics

Айза Анохина отказалась от пластики Businesswoman who several times went under the surgeon’s knife, surprised fans with an unexpected statement. ISA Anokhin announced that he no longer plans to resort to such interventions of health professionals.

The star’s Instagram and businesswoman Svetlana Anokhina – owner of a spectacular appearance. However, the woman has been under a plastic knife to get closer to the figure of dreams. Recently, she underwent several surgeries – liposuction of the arms and stomach and raise the buttocks. ISA has admitted that he is very pleased with the results of such correction appearance. After this, some members Anokhina suggested that it could again be decided on a radical transformation of surgery. But, as it turned out, the ISA don’t even think about it.

However Anokhina does not exclude that its solution may change. However, while the ISA are satisfied with their own appearance. A woman is in harmony with itself.

“In Bali, where I live now, it’s a complete rethinking. I realized that the more I all that plastic surgery is not needed. I can just play sports, swim, sunbathe, walk, have – to enjoy life. All, with the plastic over once and for all. Where is the guarantee that I won’t change my mind? My husband again was very supportive: he said that if I imagine something somewhere is pumped, he is going to kill me,” he told the star online.

ISA says that her husband, a surfer Dmitry Anokhin, finds her perfect. “He loves me really. I’m incredibly lucky,” shared the woman.

Last time, Anohina spoke to the surgeon this spring. ISA went to one of clinics situated near Moscow, where she underwent three major operations. A day later the woman had shared his emotions with the public. She stated that long had experienced, before deciding on the next the plastic. According to Anokhina, flaws in appearance seriously interfere with her life and forced to worry much.

The first operation for correcting the appearance, the woman made seven years ago, after the birth of the son of Sam. ISA recalls that while she was in postpartum depression and was suffering from complexes. Then Anokhin has decided to increase the breast to the third dimension. Soon, however, the businesswoman found out that she’s allergic to silicone. “I had to get 160 stitches – can you imagine what the scars?” – said Anokhin with Woman’s Day.

Recall that the ex-husband ISA Guf and the father of her older child Sam forced the fans to worry much. The man went out several times to communicate with subscribers. During live broadcasts, the rapper could not hold back emotions and sternly spoke about other artists of this genre, and a new chosen ISA. According to Guf, it conflicts with Vladimir Anaheim. He allegedly jealous wife to her ex-husband and forbids them to correspond. Rapper Guf conflicts with the new spouse ISA