ISA Anokhina receives threats because of a conflict with the Body

Айза Анохина получает угрозы из-за конфликта с Гуфом
The rapper went to war with his ex-wife.

ISA Anokhin and Guf


Once a sweet couple, and now sworn enemies ISA Anokhin and rapper Guf continue to sort things out in social networks. Former spouses can not “divide” son of Sam. Artist accuses ex-wife that she does not allow him to see the boy. ISA says it’s not true. She allegedly did not prevent the fellowship of the son with the father. “Star dad” he’s avoiding contact, says Anokhin.

The rapper asked fans to help “reach out” to the ISA that it allowed him to meet Sam. Fans complied with the request Gufa literally and flooded her with hundreds of messages with threats and insults. The method has been effective but has led to the fact that ISA was holding on the ex-spouse even more resentment.

“Threats and insults early in the morning to write I do not need. I certainly understand that you want to believe that I’m not giving my son to see his father! But it is not! At 10: 35 they were talking on the phone! I already left the house, and Sam continued communication with my dad! what they agree I don’t know! But Lena stayl I was told that the children are going to hang out with their fathers! I don’t mind, of course! Sam’s a big boy and he can make decisions! So these tantrums by me! If too lazy to drive to a son is his father! Santa Barbara is canceled, people”, — commented the ISA. However, later the publication was removed. Perhaps because of the reaction to her Gufa. He thanked the fans for help, confirming that thanks to them he finally spoke with his son. “Thank you, of course, but I didn’t expect you to have so great influence,” said Guf.