ISA Anokhina pulled a huge amount of money on shopping

Айза Анохина спустила огромную сумму денег на шопинг The star of Instagram admitted that constantly learns from her husband, Dmitry, and revealed their College nicknames. In addition, ISA Anokhin told about their weaknesses. According to the businesswoman, she can leave in stores numbers with six zeros.
Айза Анохина спустила огромную сумму денег на шопинг

33-year-old designer and the star of Instagram ISA Anokhina, who began her career in rap music, has given a blitz-interview to journalists. Businesswoman openly talked about their fears, their favorite superheroes and tattoos, and how he prefers to spend his free time.

Айза Анохина спустила огромную сумму денег на шопинг“The Institute called me Eisenacher or a purebred Mexican jerboa,” the ISA has declassified two of its nicknames.

Reporters asked the woman how much money she can spend on shopping for the day. According to ISA, once she spent six figures on clothes.

“That’s it just the clothes? I was such that I spent a huge amount of money, but not just for the clothes… Well, I spent maybe a million rubles,” – said the star.

Fans of the ISA know that she is fond of fashion and always aware of the latest trends. One has voiced one of her secret desires. As it turned out, she wants to hire a stylist. In recognition Anokhina, it is not always enough time to choose clothes.

Айза Анохина спустила огромную сумму денег на шопинг“What I do after put the children? I choose outfits! I don’t like it like! But every day I have an important shooting event, and on a trip to London need seven official outputs plus casual! No stylist is difficult, I first realized that he needed, because most shopping there is no time and desires. Better to be with the children,” shared a woman.

In a recent interview with ISA also spoke about how he loves his tattoo with the image of Sailor moon, as well as drawing on his leg with the last name of her husband, surfer Dmitry Anokhin. As it turned out, the star of Instagram much takes over your beloved.

“I never had idols, I have never followed… I learn from my spouse, I want to match his intelligence. That’s probably why he’s still my idol. The husband said, “If don’t gossip then all will be well.” I stopped, and all turned out well,” said she.

In the future Anokhina would be a mother again. “I dream about your kids. Want me to have five kids, a big house and that my husband never swore,” – shared ISA with Glamour magazine.

We will remind that the businesswoman complicated relationship with rapper Body, the father of her eldest son Sami. Despite the fact that ISA broke up with by Aleksey Dolmatov, he continues to see the child. The ex-wife quite often are unable to reach agreement on certain issues. Last fall, Anokhin and even recorded a Diss (hip hop-hitting. – Ed.) in Gufa, which threatened him with the prohibition of communication with the heir. ISA Anokhina publicly humiliated Gufa

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