ISA Anokhina publicly humiliated Gufa

Айза Анохина публично унизила Гуфа Ex-wife of rapper remained is extremely dissatisfied with his sharp statements in the address of her lover Dimitri. As a result, the ISA decided to answer Gufu and introduced the clip, in which he reprimanded the artist for his controversial statements.

Not so long ago, Gough was at the center of public attention. The rapper has publicly criticized the behavior of their colleagues and the new President’s ex-wife’s ISA, which caused a mixed reaction from the fans. After some time, the ex-wife of the musician decided to answer him by writing Diss. The star’s Instagram and businesswoman has submitted work under the alias of AZIZA.

Rapper Guf conflicts with the new spouse ISA

The video ISA Anokhina took place on Tuesday on YouTube. Black-and-white video lasting about three minutes you can see how a young woman walks in Moscow together with like-minded girls dressed in hoodies and baggy jackets. Girls are guarded by ferocious Dobermans. In the lines of the ISA contains threats Gufu:

I don’t need the hit, I don’t need this new Supreme and Louis Vuitton
I don’t need to offer you the world, no one wants you, like your new album.
You touched my and crossed the line, that dirty song you’ll never get away with it.
I only care about my family.

In the words Anokhina, her husband is ready to respond to insults Gufa. “Jiving my husband, like, let’s drink to love. It is you, Alex, knock out teeth for love,” said the young woman.

In his disse ISA repeatedly alludes to the fact that her ex-husband paid for his misconduct. “You are waiting for the blood spatter, the pain,” – said Anokhin. Businesswoman is sure: the heyday of the art Gufa long passed.

“You’ve got “House-2″, you’re not relevant, it’s time to leave” he tells ISA to the rapper.

ISA believes that “no one wants to appear on the label of the guy that stole your wife.” Thus a young woman commented on the new project Gufa – he recently announced the creation of Maniggazz Recordzz and invited budding artists to try their hand at casting. “If you’re a talented beatmaker or good at rapping, then send your demos to e-mail” – shared Guf in Instagram.

Moreover, Anokhin hints that will limit Gufu contact with the child. “I forbid you to see my son, you know what go to Hell”, she shared in the video for Super.

By the way, now Eva is starring in the new television show on the channel “Friday” “voice of the streets” together with Basta and organized Versus battles Restaurateur. Anokhin became a judge of the project aimed at selection of talented artists. Some Internet users were surprised by news of this. In their opinion, the jury had to go one more representative of the rap community. Basta has launched its own “Voice”