Айза Анохина собирается сделать липосакцию
ISA Anokhina is very popular in Instagram, watch for her life a large number of fans.

Айза Анохина собирается сделать липосакцию

ISA is a mother of two adorable children.

Star often tells followers that she was concerned.

Айза Анохина собирается сделать липосакцию

Just recently, Anokhin wrote in a microblog that is going to do liposuction because it does not suit hands.

“My genetics, these huge powerful hands. Play sports with your hands, sitting on a diet – not hand out! Lose weight everywhere, no legs, and butt was gone, but not gone! The second child, the second layer of fat that settled and ordered from the shoulders to the elbow.

In Bali in the terrible heat I always got hand! In Moscow it is impossible for me to see with open arms. In 2010 my dream is to do the liposuction! Easy operation to remove fat. Scary? No!” – told the star.

ISA shares that many friends do not agree with her and tell her that she looks beautiful.

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