ISA Anokhina introduced their sons

Айза Анохина познакомила своих сыновей The eldest heir to the celebrity was looking forward to the birth of his brother. On the third of October ISA Anokhin became a mother for the second time. Now she is extremely happy that she is surrounded by three men.

      The ex-wife of rapper Guf ISAs Anokhin has found happiness next to the surfer. The third of October, the celebrity gave his beloved long-awaited son. Almost immediately after the baby is born, the happy parents decided on the name for a child. Heir called Elvis.

      ISA also has a son Sam, projdennogo first marriage with the Body. Despite the fact that the young mother is still in the hospital, the older child already familiar with the new family member.

      “Most of all waiting for the emergence of a brother this man. More reverent attitude I have not seen both to himself and to Elvis. The elder brother showed himself yesterday! Nervous, not sleeping and not eating at all yesterday, waiting for my call and was very worried! I am a happy woman! I have the whole world! And all this in the eyes of these two men. Sami and Elvis,” Anokhin wrote in the microblog.

      Fans immediately after the publication of the ISA continued to congratulate her on the birth of her second son. “So cute. Sam has such a kind smile”, “Oh, you’re a mega super woman and mom. You are an example to many. Grow big and healthy”, “Congratulations! Grow healthy and strong! It’s good that there is such a helper!” – wrote loyal fans ISA.

      Despite the happy event in your life, Anokhin upset by the fact that many followers on Twitter have condemned her for choosing a name for the baby. Guf ex-wife decided once and for all to stop discussion of its solution.

      “You have family? It has children. Who chose the name for them? You! And it happened so, that you come and say: “what a shitty name you gave?” What will be your reaction? I honestly would have sent so far, that back would have none returned. So. The beat, it’s like an innate gift that not everyone has inherited. Teach me you will not. Yes and no. But to send to hell, hold on always find. So, people call their children the way you wish and do not dare to tell others in such personal matters,” said ISA of his fans.

      Throughout pregnancy Anokhina shared literally all of the events that happened to her during the nine months of waiting for the birth of the baby. She paints described what she had to face. Fans were in awe of the fact that celebrity does not hide all the nuances of his interesting position and has even gone so far that the child came to light in the presence of journalists. ISA Anokhina decided to give birth live