Айза Анохина устроила праздник в честь будущего малыша The designer has gathered her friends at a party in Hawaiian style. ISA Anokhina very soon give birth to a second child. For a few weeks until the baby the woman had a holiday baby shower. Businesswoman and her husband received gifts from friends for a future son.

      The ex-wife of rapper Guf ISAs Anokhina is preparing once again to become a mother. The woman is expecting her second child from her new husband, Dmitry Anokhin. Some time ago, the ISA has returned to family in Bali, where he spent several months. Like many pregnant women, ISA reshilov to have a party before the birth of a baby called baby shower.

      The event was organized in the restaurant on Kutuzovsky prospect, who one evening had turned into a cafe in Hawaiian style, where there were surfers and beautiful girls. The party guests shared in social networks bright shots with the hashtag #alohababy. Parents received congratulations with the imminent addition to the family. Dmitry ISA and a son.

      The expectant mother appeared on the evening in a chic white dress to the floor. The star’s hair laid in waves, decorated with a white flower. The husband of a woman, as many of the guests chose a color Hawaiian shirt. On the occasion Anokhin took gifts for future son and have fun together with friends under the falling rain with a paper. The young woman shared videos from the event with your fans.

      “I want to say again thank you to all my friends who came to celebrate with us. We didn’t need gifts, and Baby Shower was just an excuse to get everybody together. After all, I was in Moscow almost never happens, but if there are, then, working people, and time is short! And I miss all here so gathered all in one day! Sorry, many are unable to get! But I’m sure will soon be an occasion for all the fun to hang out and eat!”, – thanked ISA friends.

      We will remind that in April of this year Anokhina personally informed subscribers microblog that she and her husband Dmitry are waiting for the son. A businesswoman has admitted that with the advent of the second wife, her life has changed dramatically. ISA Anokhina revealed the truth about the new husband

      “My husband is very serious, intelligent, well-read. He’s off the grid, he doesn’t like to be photographed. Dima prepares delicious and always beautifully serves. He has a crazy cool sense of humor. I don’t know… He’s different. I have not been in my life. About her husband I can tell indefinitely,” said the ISA in an interview.

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